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Wilne Road Bridleway, Church Wilne 

30th March 2017

On Thursday 30th March the Erewash Riders Association committee met with local land owners to clear and improve the Canter Track along Wilne Road, Church Wilne, near Draycott. The team did an excellent job, and as you can see from the before and after photographs, the bridleway is a lot more open

We are now hoping to have gates installed at either end to prevent vehicles entering and people from fly tipping

If you would like to help support our bridleway work, you can do so by becoming a member of our association for just £2 per year. Your money and membership gives us backing when maintaining bridleways and trying to open new or disused routes. Please see our membership page for more information

Far Lane, Ockbrook to Potato Pit Lane, Dale Abbey through Boyah Grange

Update February 2017

The public inquiry ended on the 10th November. Unfortunately the case was dismissed by the inspector & there was insufficient evidence to warrant an appeal. Erewash Riders Association would like to thank everyone who contributed to the case for all their help and support

The modification order for this ancient right of way was also submitted in 1997.  However Derbyshire County Council rejected the application in 2003.  A subsequent appeal to the Secretary of State was upheld and the County told to make the order in 2005.  This has been a long protracted affair but finally the BHS has been informed that the Public Inquiry will re-convene on November 8th 2016.


Morley Almshouses Public Inquiry

December 2016

The application to upgrade the route to bridleway was unsuccessful. Although there was evidence of the route being used by horses, the inspector decided that on the balance of probabilities, the evidence of the line taken over part of the route was insufficient to prove continuous and regular use of the original path. We do not intend to appeal this decision at the present time


Klondyke Bridleway: Church Lane, Morley to Morley Lane, Stanley

7th September 2016

The route from Morley Lane, Stanley to the ford is currently classed as an Unclassified Road. This means that in the year 2026 this right of way will cease. The Erewash Ramblers Association have put in a modification for the Unclassified Road to be upgraded to a public footpath, meaning that horse riders will no longer be able to use this route. We are urging people to send an email of objection (see below) to prevent this from happening. If we are unable to get this section of the route upgraded to a bridleway, it may be lost forever.

Please Help: We are urging everyone to send an email of objection to Derbyshire County Council Officer, Mark Hosker, asking that the Unclassified Road be upgraded to a bridleway.  Anyone can object to the modification order and can send their objection to:  mark.hosker@derbyshire.gov.uk

New Bridleway at Shipley Park

10th August 2016

A new permissive bridleway has been created within Shipley Park.  The new bridleway is between Flatmeadow Farm (off Bell Lane) and the main Visitor Centre.  We would like to express our thanks to Jason Ware, who has kindly created the bridleway.  Please can riders be aware of other users when riding this multi user route, particularly at what speed they ride.  We hope you enjoy the new bridleway.

Exciting news! Derbyshire County Council are in the process of opening 2 new Bridleways at Shipley Park. More information will be available soon.

Dale Abbey, Vergers Farm (Church Farm)


Erewash Riders has been informed by the legal department at DCC that the modification order application for Vergers Farm, Dale Abbey will be dealt with in turn and not fast tracked as originally promised.  They have 256 cases in the pipeline so may take many years. We would urge all riders wishing to use the bridleway to contact their MP and also Dale Abbey Parish Council and Erewash Borough Council to ask for their support

As most of you know the ancient and historical right of way through the farmyard at Dale Abbey was suddenly shut at the end of June 2013. When the landowners suddenly claimed that the path was permissive – although there were no signs to that effect.  Whilst Erewash Riders sympathised with the situation there was no immediate satisfactory solution and it appeared that the landowner was not going to put in for a legal diversion at this time. (We believe that they were the only ones who could do so and we would have been happy with that – it is a pity the one proposed by Stanton Ironworks, before they sold up never materialised).

We thought DCC should sort this out as it appereas to be their mistake of interpretation of a map. However they made it clear that any modification orders had to come from a third party, so the horseriders agreed to do this on behalf of all users.  In the meantime an alternative route was dug out by the landowners and again it is only “permissive” and can be shut at any time.  DCC will not accept it as a suitable diversion and public right of way.  There are unanswered questions over the safety issues – there being caves underneath. Our advice to members is DO NOT USE IT

Once again we are appealing for help.  At this stage the BHS and Ramblers have been  inundated with user evidence forms but any historical evidence would be helpful. Any documentation from the Stanhope Estate papers or the pits could help prove the case. Legally the original path has to be established before an acceptable solution is found

 Morley Almshouses

Again the BHS and ERA are waiting for the authority to make a modification order for the path to be upgraded to bridleway.  The second round of consultations have taken place and the relevant papers are being prepared at County Offices.  We still haven’t traced the newspaper photograph taken in the eighties showing some villagers watching the bridleway sign being removed. Anyone got anything else relevant to this area? We urgently need your help with this project. Please get in touch if you have any information. Thank you

Coach Road, Ockbrook

Derbyshire County Council have made an order for Coach Road to be upgraded to a bridleway. This has now been passed onto the Planning Inspectorate to determine the result. We are confident that with support we will be able to re-open this ancient route. There is evidence that it was used as a public bridleway before the Inclosure Award. If you have any information about Coach Road being previously used as a bridleway please get in touch with us as it could make all the difference


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