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For only £2 per year, you can help fund the vital bridleway research, maintenance and negotiation of re-opening closed bridleways.  So much time, effort and determination is put in behind the scenes, by the work of the Erewash Riders Association committee.  Without this, you could see your local bridleways become un-useable, or even closed.


We are a non profit organisation and your £2 per year will either be spent towards organising pleasure rides or events for yourself and other members. Or, added to a reserve fund that is not touched unless needed to for bridleway maintenance/solicitors fees, or court fees, in order to represent our case in relation to a bridleway.


For your membership  you will receive a quarterly magazine (via email), and option to attend our annual dinner and AGM.  You can be as active a member as you like, get involved in bridleway site meetings, help out, organise rides.  Or, just sit back and be sound in the knowledge that you, are supporting a group of concerned horse riders/owners, who are working hard to improve and promote the facilities within the area.

All Erewash Riders Association events are members only


            HOW YOU CAN HELP!

  1.  Talk about Erewash Riders Association to your fellow equestrians
  2. Direct them to our website to obtain a membership form and persuade them to join
  3. Send a map marked with any tracks you think would make good bridleways
  4. Notify any committee member of any problems you encounter whilst out riding
  5. Present a courteous image to the general public, especially motorists

           Don’t forget to say “Thank You”

Membership runs from 1st April 2017 – 31st March 2018

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