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Welcome to the Erewash Riders Association


Are you concerned when faced with riding on the roads?
Are the lives of you and your horse in danger from passing cars and lorries?

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Erewash Riders Association is a registered Bridleways Group centred in the District of Erewash.

There are approx. 3000 road accidents involving Horses and 16 traffic related Rider-Deaths each year and Riders have access to less than 25% of the current Rights of Way network,  forcing us to use busy and dangerous roads. This is something Erewash Riders would like to change.

The Erewash Riders Association aim is to secure the establishment and maintenance of safe horse riding routes in the local area.

We actively negotiate the reopening of closed bridleways and have close liaison with Local and National horse watch groups and the Police.

We also do:-

  • Bridleway Research
  • Fun Days and Pleasure rides
  • Meetings and Social Events

Please see our membership section for more information on what your annual membership fee contributes towards, or to download a membership form.

We would like to say “thank you” to all the current members of ERA for your vital support in what can be a costly business of trying to keep Erewash bridleways safe, open and maintained


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